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Funny Ways to Answer Your Phone;

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    lol iv brented to be my ancering machine but i can never make the beep noise at the end


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      Originally posted by Mistery View Post
      Well, I hate those "human speech recognizing automatic hotline thingies" where you need to talk to that thing for a while and answer questions until you are connected to somebody at the appropriate departement if you're lucky. It's horrible, especially if they reboot with the comment that they have not understood you just because you cleared your throat as quietly as possible, or if they repeat numbers that you had to say with wrong digits in them etc.

      So I thought that by pretending to be your own answering machine with such artificial intelligence, you could drive your friends crazy
      I like it!!!
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        talk in an accent and be like..hello welcome to the cuban operator (or something more clever..but im not creative soooo thats what i came up will lol) calling here you now will have a $35 dollar phone bill and this will increase by $10 dollars every second you are on the phone still please hold...*sing some nice waiting music*

        ha could work
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          Hello, you have reached the Center for Mental Conditions. If you are Obsessive Compulsive, please press 5555555555555555555555555. ( so on and so fourth)

          Something for telemarketers:

          You: Hello?
          Them: Hello, ( Whatever they say)
          You: Oh, that sounds really interesting, but I'm doing something, could you give me your information so I can call you back?
          Them: We cannot give out our information.
          You: Oh, so I guess you don't want anyone bothering you at home?
          Them: Correct.
          YoU: *Hang up*
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            Actually, hotrod, that is from Seinfield.
            (I know, kuz It's what I was gonna post, lol )

            Well, you got it a little fudged, so i'll just post a link to the video:
            It'll SHOCK you!
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