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Really bad Movies

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    I saw a movie called "hos your dady?". it really sucked
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      I sometimes watch classic movies and I saw one called:Kiss the blood off my hands , and it realy sucked , just like all the classic movies : The fighting , the classic cars and everything , but it was fun watching it
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        Brokeback Mountain
        One word to describe this movie---HORRIBLE!!!!!!
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          ehhh..... the "sandlot" really sucked
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            SANDLOT?! I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!! lmao

            THE Grudge 1 AND 2 sucked reallllyy bad..i almost left the theater for the 2nd one..the first on i saw on tv and just laughed at its lameness...its really lame and not scary
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              sponge bob square pants relly bbbbbaaaaaddddddddddd


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                Originally posted by Carmit
                sponge bob square pants relly bbbbbaaaaaddddddddddd
                I hate it 2


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                  i just watched The Frighteners and it was so BAD - but being such an optimistic film freak - i just had to sit it out till the end - just in case the ending was good - which it wasn't lol
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                    the last legion..just watched it and I hate it
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                      the sound of music sucked sooooo bad!!!


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                        I've got two words for you: Alien Apocalypse

                        You see, there's something special about this movie that makes it so bad; it's a Sci-Fi Channel Original Movie!
                        This isn't the only bad Sci-Fi Channel "Original" movie, in fact, I'd say more than 90% of them are terrible, but this one is just the worst! Bad dubbing (it was shot in Bulgaria), stupid plot, dumb lines, bad acting (except for Bruce and Renee!), and, the Channel's favorite feature, multiple cheesy decapitations!

                        This movie is SO bad; to the extent that it's funny to watch!
                        The Sci-Fi Channel shows this movie anually, usually in March, because it was the most viewed Original of all-time.

                        I have it on DVD.

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                          Originally posted by doglover View Post
                          Scary Movie sucks (1,2,3 and 4...all!)... When I was younger I watched Scary Movie 2 and I kinda liked it...But two years ago I watched Scary Movie 3 and...It totally sucks, it's annoying and disturbing... Also tried to watch Scary Movie 4, but I stopped it right in the beginning
                 that I think about it, Scary Movie 2 was also annoying and disturbing but I was just too young to figure that out...pffft...
                          How can you hate Scary Movie ?! It's just so funny!
                          I really hate Titanic, maybe because it's very famous :X
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                            There is a movie called "Camp Blood", and it has got to be the world's worst horror movie. It's one of those independent films on a really low budget which means bad acting, bad special effects, and just a really bad film. But I would recommend it because it's quite funny to watch, it's not the kind of film that's "so bad it's good" but it's entertaining in more of a comedy way rather than horror.
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                              I saw this really terrible, horrible movie once. It was a horror movie called 'The Doomed Pinata' or something like that. Not even worth describing. It was bad.
                              Also I watched a Chinese movie called 'The fist of Buddha' or whatever. It was so weird and so bad, that whenever everyone asked what I did the day I watched it, I answered I had been teleported through a space-time loop and lost 2 hours of my life.
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                                There was this film I watched ages ago called "Nursie", another independent movie and it had such a bad plot, rubbish actors and it wasnt even scary, to be honest I didnt even watch all of it, it was that bad!
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