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Help with the downloadable games

If a downloadable game is an .exe file, just click the link, and choose open. The game will usually be installed among your other programs (otherwise you can choose where you would like to install it during the installation process).

If the game is a .zip or .rar file, choose save, and save it to your pc.
Extract it in a new folder using WinRar for example (if you don't have it, get it from here:
Then click the installation file (in most cases .exe file) or the file that starts the game, and your pc will install it, or launch it respectively.
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Game Loading Problems

First Check to make sure you have all the latest Plugins. They are free updates to your computer that allows you to play the games. They will not hurt your computer. They just allow you to play our games.

Here's what you need:

For Java:

For Flash:

For Shockwave:

We highly recommend you are up to date on all of them so you can play all the games here.

If you are still having problems please post what the problem is HERE
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Rules updated

Old members and new members, please read the updated rules.
You find them as sticky at the top of all forum categories, for example here:
Thank you for taking a couple of minutes to do that.

The moderation team
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  • I'm pleased to report that we met last week to hammer out the last 10 or so levels.

    We then proceeded to play 12 straight hours of strategy games.

    Final exams are looming, but it'll all be over by the end of May. Between then and university, I think there's a good chance we'll be able to summon the time needed to finish this thing off.

    Keep in mind, we have a couple crazy ideas.


    • That's synonymous with 'we're going to hurt you lots.. then a bit more' isn't it?


      • Oh man, I'm stocking up on pizza and aspirin now!


        • hooha

          At my age, I can barely remember my name, but bring it on!


          • is the last page still supposed to be blank as that is all i have???


            • last time ive checked its a temp end


              • I think they've graduated and left us all behind.


                • is that it?

                  so...guys, is anyone gonna bother to keep checking this? or are we all just gonna give up?


                  • ive checked the last page
                    its still blank


                    • I realize that the guys do have lives, but hell, it's been like 2 yrs now. I stopped holding my breath after the third "next levels are coming!"

                      **walks out**


                      • Gotta agree that the Cryptos guys have probably moved on. My God, what if they grow up?!? As I recollect, those of us "registered" with the "actual" Cryptos forum should get an e-mail copy of anything they post there. Maybe we'll hear from them some day. Meanwhile, its nice to see a familiar handle/aviar every now and again on this Gamershood site, even though I always pushjed for more use of the "real" forum. This was a hoot of a riddler, with some sharp cookies helping out when us dumbos were stuck. Live long and prosper!


                        • Hi! I was wondering if anyone could help me with something... The cryptos forum is not being used now, and I can't figure a level out. Anyone want to help? (its the level with the nihilist cipher, I have the keywords)


                          • keywords K*** M****, still cant get it right!


                            • Hello Mj31,
                              Have you tried to write Private Message to someone else that has played this game??
                              I think that linkinparc333 is one of players that is still coming here often.
                              From now on, this is how it is going to be, just her and me