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Murder Mystery - The Crown Jewels

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  • There is a walkthrough on page 12 if you need help.


    • Originally posted by ShiningStar View Post
      have you opened the
      help me plz plz plz, i havent got the gold key but captin barnes is gone what do i do please help me plz plz plz

      Intruders will be shot, survivers will be shot again

      Originally posted by ShiningStar View Post
      I haven't been able to get into the Kings bedroom yet, how do you?

      I have everything but the
      Originally posted by tankster View Post
      look @ post #7
      quote 7 didn't help me, i looked at it and it isn't what i need, im at the part where i have talk to everyone inside, but when i went to see the captin but he isn't there ( well i can see him bu it said he wasn't there and it said he was the killer ) and i still don't have the key, help me i don't know what to do

      i don't have the key to the basement, i don't even have the key to the kings room someone help

      i can't get the stinking key wot the hell do i do, im dying

      ok i have seen the two nerds but i don't know what to do, how do i get the key to the celler now

      help me

      ok i can't give the button to steven, what do i do, i have done everything i think

      it won't let me, it just says ' Erm...How about no!? ' what dom i do

      ok i got the stupid key to the basement, but how do i ake light so i can see down there?!x
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