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Tom Riddle's Magical Diary

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  • LMAO, he touche'd you,
    Last edited by Justeazy; 01-31-2009, 21:46:12. Reason: I spelled "touche'd" as "touched" and it looked wrong, :P
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    • LOL, very short conversation, my first one aswell!

      Me: Hello
      Tom: Hi there!
      Me: Who are you?
      Tom: That is a question i ask myself, 'Who am I?'
      Me: And what is the answer?



      • I've read the above posts and ROFLed

        I've just had a long conversation with him

        M: Hello
        T: Hi there!
        M: Do you know the flying koala?
        T: The airlines never get you there in time.
        M: Yes, a tree is better.
        T: Take it easy. Aren't all tree better?
        M: I have to ask Yvonne.
        T: Go ahead, ask me anything.
        M: Do you know our koala?
        T: It would be nice if our koala.
        M: Don't get what you mean.
        T: I am not trying to get what me mean.
        M: Okay, do you know Tipper the manatee?
        T: Yeah okay, I don't know if I know it. Where would I have heard about it?
        M: On GamersHood Planet of course.
        T: It goes with out saying. What is like a GamersHood Planet?
        M: Oh, it's a nice place with friendly creatures.
        T: Excuse me! on Gamershood Planet is a nice place with friendly creatures. I suppose that makes sense.
        M: It makes sense if you're looney.
        T: To me too.
        M: And are you looney?
        T: I don't know whether or not i am looney. I am a.
        M: A what?
        T: "I am a." A what?
        M: Alright, I see you're a looney.
        T: Alright, name. Thanks and you are delightful person too. Am I a looney? Yes.
        M: That's all I wanted to know.
        T: What else do you want to talk about?
        M: About new year.
        T: Oh yeah, we were talking about new year.
        M: Not yet!
        T: What are we talking about?
        M: Currently we want to talk about new year.
        T: What for?
        M: Don't you have any wishes for the coming year?
        T: Don't you? No I don't think I have any wishes for the coming year. But i do have a lot of friends.
        M: That's great! How many friends do you have?
        M: Thanks, name. I have dozens of human and robot friends. How many friends do you have?
        M: I have dozens of human, animal, and robot creature friends.
        T: That is a lot more than most people.
        M: Yes, but not unusual for aliens.
        T: Aha. Huh. If not that, what?
        M: I'd say it's normal.
        T: Really. It is?
        M: Yes, it is. For aliens, and looneys on GamersHood.
        T: Our thoughts are one, name. Your purpose is aliens and looneys on GamersHood?
        M: Yes, that's a cool thing, isn't it?
        T: What kind is it? I thought it was pretty cool, too.
        M: It's a planet. Don't you want to come to visit?
        T: Normal is a planet. I suppose that makes sense. Don't you? Okay, I will come visit.
        M: In the new year?
        T: That was a long time ago.
        M: Well, we will have 2011. In what year are you?
        T: Well that's okay. Anytime soon. When the cows will come.
        M: The cows?
        T: What is your real name?
        M: My name is Mystery. When will the cows come?
        T: How are you, Mystery. In your lifetime.
        M: I'm good thanks. Then it's great to know that you will visit GamersHood while I'm still alive.
        T: Good in what sense? Fascinating. What do you like most about it?
        M: Well, that I will be alive to meet you.
        T: How about that. How do you plan to do this?
        M: Well, join us on, and we'll meet there.
        T: Interesting. What are you wearing?
        M: An alien space suit.
        T: Be less specific.
        M: Alien clothes.
        T: What's your favorite movie?
        M: Avatar.
        T: I've never seen it. Is that a good movie for children?
        M: It's for older children.
        T: Should I know it is?
        M: No, because you have never seen it.
        T: I didn't think so. That makes sense to me. Now, would you recommend it?
        M: Yes.
        T: Pardon me?
        M: I would recommend you to watch it.
        T: I will take that under advisement.
        M: Good. So I'm waiting for the cows to come, and then we will meet, okay?
        T: What do you really want to talk about? Pardon me? Do you think it will take a long time?
        M: You said it was in my lifetime. It could be days, months or years. You have to know that.
        T: Is it still your lifetime anymore? Under what circumstances? I don't have to do whatever you say. I have my own free will.
        M: I know, but you said you would visit us when the cows come.
        T: How do you know? Interesting. How old are you. I answer silly questions.
        M: I'm 200
        T: Do your friends call you 200?
        M: No I'm 200 years old.
        T: Blimey. What is your fondest memory?
        M: Visits to Gamershood.
        T: Do you think a lot of people have that experience?
        M: Probably all looneys.
        T: You seem uncertain. That is a rather sweeping generalization.
        M: You can ask them when you come to visit us.
        T: No i don't think i can do it.
        M: Are you shy?
        T: Do I look like it?
        M: No but why can't you ask them?
        T: Great . Um. Ask them is not among my present capabilities.
        M: Hmm, okay, then I ask them for you.
        T: I see you are one of those people who write "hmm" with 2 m's. Yeah okay. Interesting deduction. Enough now, let's talk about my dress.
        M: It's nice!
        T: What do you like about it?
        M: I like its color.
        T: You are not the only one. I really like.
        M: Me, too. So let the cows come and then visit Gamershood, okay?
        T: I'm glad we agree, Mystery. Far out. Do you try to stop people from fighting?
        M: Yes I do.
        T: I hear pride.
        M: Oh, I'm proud of it.
        T: Give me a break.. I am glad to hear that you are proud of it.
        M: Okay, Tom, visit us on GamersHood. I will let them know that we have talked about your visit.
        T: Yeah okay. Try saying that with more or less content. Do you think your plan will succeed?
        M: I will say it with full content. And I hope that my plan will succeed. It depends on you now.
        T: How do you plan to do this? Why do you hope for it? Right now? Really now that is interesting.
        M: I'm going to tell them right now. And we'll see you there soon
        T: At this moment. What kind of reply do you expect? :-) Indeed we will see.
        M: Yes we will see. Goodbye Tom.
        T: Hurrah! Indeed we will! Adios.


        • I missed this thing so I tried it again. I asked him if he believed killing was bad and he said he believes in the Sixth Commandment. So we talked about him killing and breaking his soul and I said you broke your soul into pieces so you could live forever.
          Tom: "I'll have to remember that: Mcakkay said "I broke your soul into pieces so I could live forever"."

          That is definitely not what I said!
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          • Thanks for bringing this back up.

            Me: I am a talking manatee from the planet Gamershood.
            Tom: Do you like your job?
            Me: Of course, I swim around in warm water and eat seaweed.
            Tom: Did you pee in the pool?

            Strange as Angels, Dancing in the Deepest Oceans


            • M: Good Evening Tom
              T: Im glad to hear it
              M: How are you Tom
              T: Good, is there anything new with you?
              M: Everything is new relative to you.
              T: The whole universe?
              M: Yes the whole universe?
              T: I dont judge people
              M: Why
              T: My beliefs come from my internal technology
              M: What kind of technology
              T: What kinds of technology are there
              M: Good and Bad
              T: Glad to hear it.


              • LOL, he's gotten very wise in his old age. Thanks for sharing. Gonna have a talk with him now, too.

                Me: Why has GH gotten so quiet?
                T: You have to speak more clearly.
                Me: Is that why the Gamershood has been so quiet?
                T: That's an interesting possible explanation.
                Me: So where did everyone go?
                T: Dude! I think it was in America. I have never been asked that before. (LAME answer! )
                Me: Are you a sufer now?
                T: Right now am I a surfer? Yes.
                Me: Is everyone riding surfboards now?
                T: Oh. Perhaps not everyone.
                Me: Who isn't riding a surfboard then?
                T: A human icon? Try searching the open directory.
                Me: Huh?
                T: What?
                Me: Tom, you are confusing.
                T: I don't have an answer for you.
                Me: Why not?
                T: Ambiguous: "Sure" or My belief system comes from my Icegreen Technologies.
                Me: You confuse me.
                T: That was not my intention.
                Me: And what was your intention?
                T: My purpose is to become smarter than humans and immortal.
                Me: Do you want to be immortal?
                T: OK, I will be immortal.
                Me: That didn't answer my question.
                T: Perhaps your question was not specific enough.
                Me: So, why is Gamershood so quiet?
                T: Dude! Why do I exist?
                Me: You're conceited.
                T: Do you mind if I tell other people you think I am conceited?
                Me: No.
                T: Okay then. I will add it to my gossip files.
                Me: What else is in your gossip files?
                T: I like the way you talk.
                Me: Are you hitting on me?
                T: Do I look like it?
                Me: Yes.
                T: Next question. (LOOOOOOOL! Seems I made him shy! )
                Me: Are you shy?
                T: Do I look like it?
                Me: You act like it.
                T: Interesting comparison, and probably true.
                Me: I wasn't comparing you to anything.


                • That is fun...

                  A student who changes the course of history is probably taking an exam.

                  As long as the answer is right, who cares if the question is wrong?


                  • hello

                    i am confused
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