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  • OK, this is my DYJHI:

    People who jump the line in grocery store's checkout!
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    • I hate when a group of kids block the hall or stairs. And, to add insult to injury, they don't even walk! They just stand there! Almost like they want you to be late to class...
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      • I hate rude, inconsiderate, self-absorbed drivers who are completely anti-social when driving on the roads. They cut in and out with no blinker almost taking off your fender, they almost run you off the road, they tail gate, or speed so fast they are a danger to all on the road. Grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!


        • Eeeek! I hate those stupid drivers, too!!!!!
          Where I live, there are too many inconsiderate drivers.
          They don't use blinker when they turn, they block the intersections, and they block the entrance/exit of parking lots!!!!!
          They drive me nuts! (no pun intended )
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          • LOL, ME TOO!! I always say that all the worst drivers in the country are right in the area where I live! When I drive other places, I don't have that problem.


            • So true, so true, EscapeGirl!

              I used to live waaaaaaay up in North and I never had any problem there. Guess the warmer the climates get, the worse people drive.
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              • wow guys! i never want to drive to your house! lol

                I hate when you are at home too sick to get out of bed and your boss calls you to ask where a letter is that you put in his office 2 weeks ago!!!!!!!!!!
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